Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Festival

Coming back from Toccoa this week, we stopped at Jaemor farms to pick up a peck of apples. We also got a jar of blackberry honey and an apple fritter (both very delicious). In honor of the Cornelia apple festival back in Georgia today, I made apple cupcakes yesterday. I decided to try making a spice cake base and add chopped apples. I mixed the yellow cupcake recipe with the recipe for one of my favorite coffee cakes. They turned out beautifully - the perfect recipe for the beginning of fall. To top the delicious flavor off, I made a honey cinnamon cream cheese frosting. It was a delightful and successful day of baking.

Although this is a cupcake blog, I have to say a word about the dinner since it went so perfectly with the cupcakes. Ben and I made a pork tenderloin we saw Alton Brown make on Good Eats - delicious. I also finally managed to make great potatoes with help from a few spices and Ben's idea to cook them in a bit of chicken broth. Both the dinner and the apple-spice cupcakes were a great start to October and fall (even if the Florida weather still feels like summer).


  1. Sooo....are you going to share the recipe for those apple cinnamon cupcakes?!

  2. I just added chopped apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves to a yellow cake recipe. I also replaced some of the sugar the recipe called for with brown sugar. But that's it - really simple :)

  3. Wow, sounds simple and delicious. :)