Monday, November 15, 2010

Capitol Cupcakes

On Friday, I took off from the Orlando airport and arrived in Washington D.C. for five days with my sister. Holly had a great trip planned for me.The first night I was here, we had dinner in Georgetown. Of course, we had to see the legendary Georgetown Cupcake. We waited in a line that went out the door and up the street but fortunately, the late night crowd is less than the morning crowd. I ordered a pumpkin spice cupcake and bit into a beautiful piece of cupcake bliss. The maple frosting was piled high with a beautiful chocolate maple leaf placed on top. The pumpkin spice cake was a perfect pairing with this tasty frosting. I had thought that I had just about the best cupcake recipe ever. Turns out there is competition. Those California cupcake shops pale in comparison (with the exception of Violet's in Pasadena which still has unmatched flavor selection and amazing frosting skills). 
Anyway, I determined to sample as many DC cupcakes as I could (not just at Georgetown Cupcake but various shops around the city. Yesterday we came across Red Velvet. We went in to see if they had hot chocolate but while we were there we figured we may as well try a cupcake. So Holly and I split a lemon cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting. This was a surprising and delicious flavor combination. The cake was amazing too. It had that satisfying crunch on top that comes from using a little extra sugar. 
We had planned on going to a little cafe called CakeLove in the afternoon but after delicious lunch at Busboys and Poets (gorgonzola and fuji apple sandwich with fig spread on cinnamon raisin bread accompanied by sweet potato fries), we were just too full. Maybe we will make it there later. 
I have come to the conclusion that what Cutecakes needs is a city and a truck/cart to sell cupcakes from. This leads to my poll - "Which US city is right for Cutecakes?" This is your chance to say where Cutecakes Cupcakery would flourish in a world where I could move anywhere and had money to get a cart/truck and start a business. Choose wisely. Also, feel free to submit your own options as comments on this post. 

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  1. I voted for Seattle, WA, because it is my favorite "big city," but my personal opinion is that a good location would be in North Idaho, where we live, because we have no such thing as a cupcake store around here! =P