Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Business Adventures

The wedding, honeymoon and Christmas were over. All that remained was the reception back in California and the daunting task of creating 120 delicious cupcakes. With a day in the kitchen and lots of help from Ben, mission Wedding Cupcakes went off without too many hitches :)
We started out with a huge shopping trip, buying 3 dozen eggs, ten pounds of sugar, and 12 sticks of butter. The next morning when we went to start baking, the buttermilk we had bought just the day before was bad. A trip back to the store got our baking off to a late start. At 11:30 we started making six batches f cupcakes: 2 each of vanilla chocolate chip, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and chocolate peppermint. At 4:30, the cupcakes and frostings were made so we dropped them off at the church, knowing we would have to come back later to frost all of them.
We spent another hour in the kitchen but when we put all the cupcakes on their trays, it was all worth it. It looked amazing! The next morning, the cupcakes were a big hit even though people hardly had room for them after a yummy brunch.
My dad asked me a couple days later if now that I had spent so much time making so many cupcakes, it was still something I could see myself doing every day. The answer was easy - YES!

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