Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stepping Out of the Box

So I made German Chocolate Cupcakes today. I love German chocolate even though I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake. I made them from the box mix (cheating, I know but they were buy one get one free the last time I bought a box). But I have decided this is the last batch of box-mix cupcakes I will make. I will figure out how to make better than the box cupcakes and I will never go back! I suppose if I'm really in a hurry... Anyway, my plan is to try making my own cupcakes from scratch now. I think I made up for using boxed cupcakes with the effort I put into the frosting. I stirred that thing forever and Ben stirred it for almost forever. Despite all our best efforts at stirring the frosting to death, it ended up goopy. So it is now in the fridge and I plan to frost the cupcakes soon. I think I learned that German chocolate cake frosting is going to be messy no matter what you do and that is the reason why it is so delicious. The messiest parts of life always end up being the best, right?

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